Global Awakening

Global Awakening offers a variety of broadcast information on the various points in the ministry. With a bookstore and on site calendar of events a visitor will find a great deal of information on talks that will help in their everyday lives. Many noted speakers visit and speak on things that are important to society. Visit this website and see videos of physical, spiritual and emotional understandings. Listen to testimonies from around the world as people experience the power of this ministry. Read the many things that have occurred in the travels of this ministry on our web site. Join us in worship and feel the power of working in unity.

Global Awakening steps into those physical and emotional places to assist and show understanding. Training others affiliates of Global Awakening to travel and minister to people everywhere around the world. People have become so accustomed to chaos, it seems normal. Violence has escalated in many parts of the world to the point it is expected, this is further promoted by many Medias. The only way to change this is to change the way people think and Global Awakening works to help better health, this also promotes a better feeling about the world at large.

Many people partner with this ministry to give encouragement to those without hope. The Wagner Leadership Organization is a part of this Ministry helping forward the message of Jesus Christ. Global Awakening shows the natural way of eating and healing going about the activity of everyday living with a positive outlook on life attitude. The earth is struggling with global warming and animal habitats are destroyed. Plant and animal life once plentiful are disappearing; this is all reason for Global Awakening. A need to save what is so preciously; irreplaceable.


The Global community is struggling to find a way to stay healthy and feed itself in a healthier manner. This is becoming difficult with population increase and the need to use chemical fertilizers in the rush to satisfy the needs of the masses. More products are in demand as the World becomes a mega community. Quality is now a commodity sold to the highest bidder. This stands true with healthy foods. Getting anything that is natural is expensive. Food can still be grown naturally but the profit is in mass production or maybe this is the only way to feed the world. This only means a better way should be searched out.

Stress is not considered an illness but may someday list as the number one destroyer of man. This very important element of mans demise is given tons of names, Cancer, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure. Body chemistry fights this culprit and without proper defenses the body falters into illness. Global Awakening works towards awareness for the lessening of stress and the illnesses it causes through healthy eating and living. The world has developed a stressful way of life and reversing it will take as much effort. No train stops on a dime, the slowing is always gradual. But there is no change until there is awareness.

Organic foods, healthy living and exercise all have a valuable part in a better mood for the World. Exercise pushes back a lot of problems, anger, frustration, fat accumulation, toxins the body might hold by sweating and a number of other things that create havoc for the body. A person that exercise and eats properly thinks much clearer than one that does not. Global Awakening, bring attention to a better World.